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Finding the max branch sum of a sequentially represented binary tree in Python
(Cross-post) Why we use the Firebase Realtime Database at Freetrade
Spoonerism generator Python script
Keeping the ElasticSearch service running on an Ubuntu server
Making a helpful catalogue data reporting command in Laravel
Be careful with the S3 origin URL for a Cloudfront distribution
A quick Python script to help me translate classical Chinese poetry
Island counting algorithm in Typescript
AlgoDaily 22: Count the Planes
Unix Fizz-Buzz one-liner
AlgoDaily 21: Contiguous Subarray Sum
AlgoDaily 20: Uniqueness of Arrays
AlgoDaily 19: Fast Minimum In Rotated Array
Fixing cut off stroke edges of shapes in Inkscape
AlgoDaily 18: Sum All Primes
AlgoDaily 17: Find Missing Number in Array
AlgoDaily 16: Missing Number In Unsorted
AlgoDaily 15: Max of Min Pairs
Simple estimated delivery dates in vanilla JS
Python asyncio concurrent map pool function
Clipboard hygiene
AlgoDaily 14: Find First Non-Repeating Character
AlgoDaily 13: Dollar Sign Deletion
Year name to century name and decade name in Python
Extracting product image main colours in Python
Streaming a CSV file from the database in Laravel
Allow a Django command to use a file or stdin / stdout
AlgoDaily 12: Detect Substring in String
AlgoDaily 11: Sum Digits Until One
AlgoDaily 10: Binary Tree In-order Traversal
Django model field choices with an inner class enum
PHP Business Time library v1.0.0
Fixing a Github Action error "botocore.awsrequest.AWSRequest" "exit code 255"
AlgoDaily 09: Implement a Hash Map
AlgoDaily 08: Lonely Number
AlgoDaily 07: Power of Three
URL encoding data Etsy-style in Python
Avoid deriving state from props in React
AlgoDaily 06: Majority Element
AlgoDaily 05: Validate Palindrome
AlgoDaily 04: Is An Anagram
AlgoDaily 03: Reverse Only Alphabetical
AlgoDaily 02: Fizz Buzz
AlgoDaily 01: Array Intersection
Varmilo keyboard F-keys and Super Win key mode on Ubuntu
Cartesian products in Bash
Finding if two rectangles overlap in JavaScript
Converting Roman numerals into decimal in JavaScript
Identifying a potential palindrome in JavaScript
Product Page model abstraction in e-commerce
Balancing address lines for e-commerce in PHP
Drawing sequentially represented binary trees in Python
Blackjack CLI game
Enable PHP assertion errors on Laravel Homestead for development and testing
Dates for booleans
Early exit boolean expression parser in Python
Nordic APIs OAuth Workshop, Amsterdam June 2017
Auto-printing shipping labels with Laravel, Raspberry Pi and AWS
Algorithm Design Exercise 1-29: Finding the Fastest of 25 Horses
Survivorship Thinking
Rendering a comma-separated list of items in a Hugo template with a dot after the last
"Permission denied (public key)" error from Laravel Forge after copying ssh key using xclip or pbcopy
Algorithm Design Exercise 1-28
Stripping unprintable Unicode variation characters in PHP
Cracking the Coding Interview 6thE 10.1 Sorted Merge
Algorithm Design Exercises 1
Uploading a listing image to the Etsy API in Python
Getting started with Teach Yourself CS: Algorithms and Data Structures
Creating & updating inventory product offerings via the Etsy API in Python
Simplicity is a skill
Scalar type declarations in PHP 7
Always lint
Python unique random function result decorator
Boring considered beneficial
Simple pipes with PHP generators
Using a real facade pattern in Laravel to encapsulate common behaviour
PHP's list() is asking for a class
Chinese strftime
Optimised image handling with AWS and Laravel
PyCharm Python script run error "ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package"
Selecting the last grid row in CSS
Island counting, max island area and max island perimeter in Python
Keep controllers thin
Validating URLs with the DOM
Specification driven development
Making random memorable passwords with bash
Environment variables in the constructor are a code smell
Improving Unix-fu with Anki
Minimum required lecture rooms scheduling in Python
Using Wget for recursive downloads
That code is ugly for a reason
Using Gulp asset versioning with Hugo data files
Avoid naive string indexing in PHP
Typing arrow and quote characters in Ubuntu with AltGr
Topological course prerequisites in Python
TypeScript recursive power function
Straightforward recursive number-to-words algorithm in TypeScript
TypeScript recursive factorial function
TypeScript recursive power function

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