Minify JSON clipboard contents back to clipboard with Bash and Python
JSON encode clipboard contents back to clipboard with Bash and Python
AWS SAM CloudFormation SSM Parameter secure string not supported workaround
AWS Lambda Python SAM build with container and CodeArtifact poetry auth
Converting PDF slides to PNG then CSV to bulk import into Anki
Unit testing a Python AWS Lambda handler function that uses asyncio with its own event loop
Python AWS boto moto SNS Invalid Parameter Exception: 'not enough values to unpack (expected 6, got 1)'
Pytest fixture with optional parameter change inside test case
Python assert_dict_matches recursive test helper function
Hugo asset pipeline security.exec.allow error
Export, clipboard copy and echo a token Bash one-liner
Hugo new post Bash function
AWS DocumentDB data source in JetBrains DataGrip
Simple example of a floating point precision error for monetary amounts
Python iterator chunk generator function
Explicit types are a better habit than type inference
Google Cloud Platform Logging Query Syntax Exploration Fu
My Jest mock cheatsheet for TypeScript
Udemy Course Progress JS Bookmarklet
Sweeping complexity under the infrastructure carpet
MySQL timestamp columns default to ON UPDATE CURRENT TIMESTAMP
Static site full text search with Hugo, S3, Python and JS
Selecting the best available social meta data image in Hugo
Connecting to an old modp1024 L2TP Ipsec VPN on Ubuntu 21.04
Beware of SQL averages over dates with empty days
Generating a range of dates in MySQL
Simple Boto3 mock in Python with Pytest monkeypatch
Jest mock error "ReferenceError Cannot access before initialization"
Ask your interview candidates to ask you an algorithm question in return
Uploading Etsy listing images in PHP with Oauth
Refactoring Terraform state into separate files in GCP GCS
Easy encrypted git with gcrypt
Raw HTML shortcode in Hugo
How I get more benefit from technical reading with Anki
Pivot joining 19 million lines of CSV with unix tools
Simplicity resistance
Productivity with random numbers
Does your code read like your conversations?
Deploying a Hugo site with Github Actions, S3, Cloudfront and AWS IAM
A lack of correlation does imply a lack of causation
Engineer pain vs user pain
Crystal ball development
Problem maximisation
Python script to automate static Hugo site post images
Easy social media images and markup with Hugo
Abstraction castles
Using Laravel signed routes to improve order confirmation security
Specify city timezones, not timezone offsets
A simple, readable, meaningful test style with Jest
Fastmail is a nice multi-domain custom email service
Random element choice in a Hugo HTML template
(Cross-post) End to end serverless testing with the Driver Pattern
Choosing dates and times in tests
Do software engineers have the same "fee justification" problem as investment managers?
Decision fatigue and job interviewing
SQL Puzzle 2: Absentees
You are not doing Test Driven Development
SQL Puzzle 1: Fiscal Year Tables
Rendering HTML email version of articles with Hugo
Setting up a Mailcoach app on AWS with Laravel Forge
Better alive than right
Eating the recipe
Personal bike shedding
Write code that is easy to delete
Generating business name ideas with Bash and Linux
Some easy ways to improve dev workflows
Simple way to use ts-firebase-driver-testing with a Jest mock
Extract interfaces, don't pre-plan them
The code should be a sequence diagram too
Python script to convert an Etsy sales export CSV into a Xero import CSV
Be careful with Node file globbing vs bash globbing
Setting up a Hugo static site inside Laravel on Forge
Easy typed test mocks with Jest and TypeScript
Linking to the previous and next page in a taxonomy term in Hugo
Flexible test model factories in TypeScript
Make a deep object delta diff in TypeScript
Enumerating all object paths in TypeScript
Can you have multiple instances of your application in a single process?
Deepin Screenshot is a nice screenshot tool for Ubuntu Linux
Showing other pages with the same taxonomy term in Hugo
Generating perspective-skewed mock-up images for printed products with Python
Easier interface segregation in TypeScript (even better than Go!)
The attacker really does know the system when someone leaves your company
Start with "Given, When, Then" tests
Get to a failing test ASAP
Fan-in from multiple routes to a single VM with iptables, for FIX on Quickfix
Pretty print JSON on the command line with Python
Be careful with truthy promises in TypeScript
Loop try catch
(Cross-post) A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at Freetrade
A bad mix of bash and sh with [[
Generate a UUID on the command line with Python
Python random string one-liner for CLI
Python National Insurance Number (NINo) one-line generator
Extract JSON config variables from the Airflow UI
(Cross-post) Serverless integration testing at Freetrade
qrencode is a nice QR code CLI tool for Ubuntu Linux
Promise batch progress meter in TypeScript
Duolingo Fandom Japanese vocab CSV extractor in JS
Creating a Series taxonomy in Hugo

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