Year name to century name and decade name in Python

Here are some little helper functions to convert an integer year into a century name and decade name, for example 1989 would be "20th Century" and "1980s".

from math import floor

def year_to_century_name(year: int) -> str:
    century = (floor(int(year) / 100)) + 1
    suffix = ordinal_suffix(century)
    return f"{century}{suffix} Century"

def ordinal_suffix(num: int) -> str:
    return {1: "st", 2: "nd", 3: "rd"}.get(
        0 if 10 > num > 14 else num % 10, "th"

def year_to_decade_name(year: int) -> str:
    decade = floor(int(year) / 10) * 10
    return f"{decade}s"

We use this in Moment Wall Art to extract the century and decade of each piece, which allows for easy taxonomy pages like 20th Century Wall Art or 2020s Wall Art.

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