Blackjack CLI game

The first draft of a blackjack cli game I’m making is now finished.

Blackjack screenshot

If you have Go installed then you should be able to play the game with:

go get -u

It’s a single-deck blackjack betting game written in Go for the command line. I’ve only tried it on Linux, but it uses the termui library so I imagine it would be OK on OSX as well. Not sure about Windows.

The game has the standard blackjack mechanics including doubling down and splitting hands. There are still a few rough edges but it serves my purposes as a playable blackjack game.

The project has been quite educational as it’s the first thing I’ve done in Go, and is also a different style of project to the Web development that I usually do. Inevitably there’s a lot that could be improved, but it’s been a good learning experience.

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