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  1. Minify JSON clipboard contents back to clipboard with Bash and Python
  2. JSON encode clipboard contents back to clipboard with Bash and Python
  3. Converting PDF slides to PNG then CSV to bulk import into Anki
  4. Export, clipboard copy and echo a token Bash one-liner
  5. Connecting to an old modp1024 L2TP Ipsec VPN on Ubuntu 21.04
  6. Pivot joining 19 million lines of CSV with unix tools
  7. Generating business name ideas with Bash and Linux
  8. Deepin Screenshot is a nice screenshot tool for Ubuntu Linux
  9. Fan-in from multiple routes to a single VM with iptables, for FIX on Quickfix
  10. A bad mix of bash and sh with [[
  11. qrencode is a nice QR code CLI tool for Ubuntu Linux
  12. Keeping the ElasticSearch service running on an Ubuntu server
  13. Unix Fizz-Buzz one-liner
  14. Clipboard hygiene
  15. Varmilo keyboard F-keys and Super Win key mode on Ubuntu
  16. Cartesian products in Bash
  17. Blackjack CLI game
  18. "Permission denied (public key)" error from Laravel Forge after copying ssh key using xclip or pbcopy
  19. Chinese strftime
  20. Making random memorable passwords with bash
  21. Using Wget for recursive downloads
  22. Typing arrow and quote characters in Ubuntu with AltGr

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