Deepin Screenshot is a nice screenshot tool for Ubuntu Linux

If you want a good screenshot tool on Ubuntu, Deepin Screenshot is probably the best one.

It lets you drag-select a rectangular area of the screen, and then re-arrange the area until you’re happy with it. You can then annotate the screenshot selection with highlights, arrows, boxes and text. Finally, you can also choose how to save the resulting screenshot image, or copy it to your clipboard.

Deepin made it super easy to make the personalised cards FAQ on our card shop, with a series of clear screenshots showing the process with the key parts highlighted. This took a few minutes to make with Deepin.

You can also add a launcher to panels such as GTK or MATE, with this as the command:

deepin-screenshot --icon

Similarly you can replace the default screenshot hotkey with Deepin by adding a custom hotkey and setting Print as the trigger for it (this will prompt to replace the default screenshot tool on that key). The command for the hotkey should just be:


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