1. Easy encrypted git with gcrypt
  2. How I get more benefit from technical reading with Anki
  3. Pivot joining 19 million lines of CSV with unix tools
  4. Simplicity resistance
  5. Productivity with random numbers
  6. Does your code read like your conversations?
  7. Deploying a Hugo site with Github Actions, S3, Cloudfront and AWS IAM
  8. A lack of correlation does imply a lack of causation
  9. Engineer pain vs user pain
  10. Crystal ball development
  11. Problem maximisation
  12. Python script to automate static Hugo site post images
  13. Easy social media images and markup with Hugo
  14. Abstraction castles
  15. Using Laravel signed routes to improve order confirmation security
  16. Specify city timezones, not timezone offsets
  17. A simple, readable, meaningful test style with Jest
  18. Fastmail is a nice multi-domain custom email service
  19. Random element choice in a Hugo HTML template
  20. (Cross-post) End to end serverless testing with the Driver Pattern
  21. Choosing dates and times in tests
  22. Do software engineers have the same "fee justification" problem as investment managers?
  23. Decision fatigue and job interviewing
  24. SQL Puzzle 2: Absentees
  25. You are not doing Test Driven Development
  26. SQL Puzzle 1: Fiscal Year Tables
  27. Rendering HTML email version of articles with Hugo
  28. Setting up a Mailcoach app on AWS with Laravel Forge
  29. Better alive than right
  30. Eating the recipe
  31. Personal bike shedding
  32. Write code that is easy to delete
  33. Generating business name ideas with Bash and Linux
  34. Some easy ways to improve dev workflows
  35. Extract interfaces, don't pre-plan them
  36. The code should be a sequence diagram too
  37. Python script to convert an Etsy sales export CSV into a Xero import CSV
  38. Be careful with Node file globbing vs bash globbing
  39. Setting up a Hugo static site inside Laravel on Forge
  40. Easy typed test mocks with Jest and TypeScript
  41. Linking to the previous and next page in a taxonomy term in Hugo
  42. Flexible test model factories in TypeScript
  43. Make a deep object delta diff in TypeScript
  44. Enumerating all object paths in TypeScript
  45. Can you have multiple instances of your application in a single process?
  46. Deepin Screenshot is a nice screenshot tool for Ubuntu Linux
  47. Showing other pages with the same taxonomy term in Hugo
  48. Generating perspective-skewed mock-up images for printed products with Python
  49. Easier interface segregation in TypeScript (even better than Go!)
  50. The attacker really does know the system when someone leaves your company
  51. Start with "Given, When, Then" tests
  52. Get to a failing test ASAP
  53. Fan-in from multiple routes to a single VM with iptables, for FIX on Quickfix
  54. Pretty print JSON on the command line with Python
  55. Be careful with truthy promises in TypeScript
  56. Loop try catch
  57. (Cross-post) A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at Freetrade
  58. A bad mix of bash and sh with [[
  59. Generate a UUID on the command line with Python
  60. Python random string one-liner for CLI
  61. Python National Insurance Number (NINo) one-line generator
  62. Extract JSON config variables from the Airflow UI
  63. (Cross-post) Serverless integration testing at Freetrade
  64. qrencode is a nice QR code CLI tool for Ubuntu Linux
  65. Promise batch progress meter in TypeScript
  66. Creating a Series taxonomy in Hugo
  67. Please comment your code
  68. (Cross-post) Why we use the Firebase Realtime Database at Freetrade
  69. Spoonerism generator Python script
  70. Keeping the ElasticSearch service running on an Ubuntu server
  71. Making a helpful catalogue data reporting command in Laravel
  72. Be careful with the S3 origin URL for a Cloudfront distribution
  73. A quick Python script to help me translate classical Chinese poetry
  74. Island counting algorithm in Typescript
  75. AlgoDaily 22: Count the Planes
  76. Unix Fizz-Buzz one-liner
  77. AlgoDaily 21: Contiguous Subarray Sum
  78. AlgoDaily 20: Uniqueness of Arrays
  79. AlgoDaily 19: Fast Minimum In Rotated Array
  80. The majority can be above average
  81. AlgoDaily 18: Sum All Primes
  82. AlgoDaily 17: Find Missing Number in Array
  83. AlgoDaily 16: Missing Number In Unsorted
  84. AlgoDaily 15: Max of Min Pairs
  85. Clipboard hygiene
  86. AlgoDaily 14: Find First Non-Repeating Character
  87. AlgoDaily 13: Dollar Sign Deletion
  88. Streaming a CSV file from the database in Laravel
  89. Allow a Django command to use a file or stdin / stdout
  90. AlgoDaily 12: Detect Substring in String
  91. AlgoDaily 11: Sum Digits Until One
  92. AlgoDaily 10: Binary Tree In-order Traversal
  93. Django model field choices with an inner class enum
  94. PHP Business Time library v1.0.0
  95. AlgoDaily 09: Implement a Hash Map
  96. AlgoDaily 08: Lonely Number
  97. AlgoDaily 07: Power of Three
  98. AlgoDaily 06: Majority Element
  99. AlgoDaily 05: Validate Palindrome
  100. AlgoDaily 04: Is An Anagram
  101. AlgoDaily 03: Reverse Only Alphabetical
  102. AlgoDaily 02: Fizz Buzz
  103. AlgoDaily 01: Array Intersection
  104. Cartesian products in Bash
  105. Finding if two rectangles overlap in JavaScript
  106. Converting Roman numerals into decimal in JavaScript
  107. Identifying a potential palindrome in JavaScript
  108. Balancing address lines for e-commerce in PHP
  109. Blackjack CLI game
  110. Enable PHP assertion errors on Laravel Homestead for development and testing
  111. Dates for booleans
  112. Nordic APIs OAuth Workshop, Amsterdam June 2017
  113. Auto-printing shipping labels with Laravel, Raspberry Pi and AWS
  114. Algorithm Design Exercise 1-29: Finding the Fastest of 25 Horses
  115. Survivorship Thinking
  116. Rendering a comma-separated list of items in a Hugo template with a dot after the last
  117. Algorithm Design Exercise 1-28
  118. Cracking the Coding Interview 6thE 10.1 Sorted Merge
  119. Algorithm Design Exercises 1
  120. Getting started with Teach Yourself CS: Algorithms and Data Structures
  121. Simplicity is a skill
  122. Scalar type declarations in PHP 7
  123. Always lint
  124. Boring considered beneficial
  125. Simple pipes with PHP generators
  126. Using a real facade pattern in Laravel to encapsulate common behaviour
  127. PHP's list() is asking for a class
  128. Chinese strftime
  129. Optimised image handling with AWS and Laravel
  130. Selecting the last grid row in CSS
  131. Keep controllers thin
  132. Validating URLs with the DOM
  133. Specification driven development
  134. Making random memorable passwords with bash
  135. Improving Unix-fu with Anki
  136. Using Wget for recursive downloads
  137. That code is ugly for a reason
  138. Using Gulp asset versioning with Hugo data files
  139. Avoid naive string indexing in PHP
  140. A simple string obscure function in PHP
  141. The observer pattern and side effects
  142. Learning vocabulary on the command line
  143. Initial commit

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